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The Platform commemorates the 50th anniversary of the self-immolation of Jan Palach

17. Leden 2019 - 20:48
Prague, 17 January – This week marks the 50th anniversary of the self-immolation of Czech student Jan Palach on Wenceslas Square in Prague.  His act was a political protest against the 1968 invasion of Czechoslovakia by the Warsaw Pact armies, which brought a brutal end to the Prague…

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The court rehabilitated four refugees from the former GDR

13. Prosinec 2018 - 22:16
Cheb, 11 December 2018. The District Court in Cheb (West Bohemia) has rehabilitated four citizens of the former German Democratic Republic (GDR) who, during the old regime, had attempted to escape through Czechoslovakia to West Germany, were detained by members…

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Platform celebrates 70th anniversary of Universal Declaration of Human Rights with new educational tool

10. Prosinec 2018 - 0:00
Prague, 10 December – To commemorate the 70th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on 10 December 1948, the Platform of European Memory and Conscience is introducing a new educational tool for students – a series of short educational videos in English illustrating the violations of human rights by the Nazi and the Communist totalitarian regimes alike. The 29 short clips introduce and illustrate the articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The short lessons from our common past illustrate the stories of people who faced the violation of their rights by totalitarian regimes (Nazism, Fascism, and Communism). The target group is primarily secondary school students anywhere in Europe and worldwide. Introduction Article 1 All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.   Article 4 No one shall be held in slavery or servitude; slavery and the slave trade shall be prohibited in all their forms.   Article 5 No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. The project was created […]

Platform commemorated the 85th anniversary of the Holodomor in Ukraine

28. Listopad 2018 - 15:20
Kyiv, 24 November – Dr Łukasz Kamiński, President of the Platform, took part in the events marking the 85th anniversary of the Holodomor on an invitation from the Prime Minister and Chairman of the Supreme Council of Ukraine. On 22 November the International Forum “Ukraine Remembers, the World Acknowledges” was inaugurated by the Deputy Prime Ministers Stepan Kubiv and Vyacheslav Kyrylenko, Minister of Culture Yevhen Nyshchuk and President of the Ukrainian Institute of National Remembrance Dr. Volodymyr Viatrovych. During the Forum, the matters of legal assessment of the Holodomor, scientific research, education and memorialisation were discussed. The Platform’s President took part in a special sitting of the Supreme Council of Ukraine, organised on 23 November. Participants in the Forum attended a concert dedicated to the memory of the victims. The next day, representatives of memory institutions met with Dr. Ihor Poshyvailo, the Director of the Revolution of Dignity Museum, who presented the plans for its activities. The main events began on 24 November with a meeting with the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and foreign delegations. Next, a ceremony took place at the National Museum “Holodomor Victims Memorial”. After the mourning prayer, candles of remembrance, including one in the name […]

Prize of the Platform of European Memory and Conscience 2018 awarded in Ljubljana

16. Listopad 2018 - 14:26
Press Release Ljubljana / Prague, 14 November 2018 The Prize of the Platform of European Memory and Conscience was awarded on 14 November in Ljubljana at the National Assembly during the international conference The Dark Side of the Moon: Dealing with the Totalitarian Past – Confrontations and Reflections. The Prize is awarded annually to a person/persons who are fighting today against totalitarianism, for the ideals of democracy, fundamental human rights and freedoms and the rule of law. The Prize of the Platform should support its winner(s) in their struggle, help to protect them against persecution and help to support international publicity of their cause. The Members of the Platform voted this summer for Mr Oleg Sentsov, in recognition of his personal courage, struggle and sacrifice for upholding fundamental democratic values and freedoms after his show trial in the Russian Federation. By awarding the Prize, the Platform wishes to express its respect and support for Ukrainian citizen Mr Sentsov whom the Platform considers, since his detention in May 2014, a political prisoner in the Russian Federation. The Platform calls for his immediate release. At the ceremony which took place on 14 November 2018 at the National Assembly, Ljubljana, Slovenia, the Ukrainian Ambassador to the […]

Platform elects new Managing Director and admits five new member institutions from four countries

16. Listopad 2018 - 14:23
Press release Prague, Ljubljana – 16 November 2018. At its 8th annual Council of Members held on 13-15 November 2018 in Ljubljana and Bled, Slovenia, the Platform of European Memory and Conscience elected a new Managing Director and admitted four new institutions from Albania, Romania, Poland and Slovakia, bringing the total number of Members of the Platform to 62. The annual Council of Members of the Platform was hosted by the Study Center for National Reconciliation in Slovenia (SCNR) and was accompanied by the international conference The Dark Side of the Moon: Dealing with the Totalitarian Past – Confrontations and Reflections. The conference was organised on the 10th anniversary of SCNR and was held in the National Assembly of Slovenia in Ljubljana. The agenda included the opening of the exhibition “Wrocław Breaks the Iron Curtain” and a visit to the prison cells of the secret political police and the exhibition on political prisoner Ms Jelka Mrak Dolinar. Mr Peter Rendek was elected as the new Managing Director of the Platform after the departure of the first Managing Director (2011-2018) Ms Neela Winkelmann. The new member of the Supervisory Board of the Platform is Ms Földváryné Kiss Réka, Chairperson of the Committee of National Remembrance in […]

Platform held a discussion panel on the NNW Film Festival in Gdynia

10. Říjen 2018 - 14:36
Gdynia, 2 October 2018 – Dr. Andreja Valič Zver, the Director of the Slovenian Study Centre for National Reconciliation and the member of the Executive Board of the Platform, along with Gunārs Nāgels, the director of The Occupation Museum Association of Latvia, Petr Blažek, the historian from the Institute for the Study of  Totalitarian Regimes in Prague and Paweł Ukielski, the Deputy Director of the Warsaw Rising Museum, held a discussion panel during the NNW Film Festival in Gdynia, Poland on 2 October. The discussion panel was co-organised by the Platform and the main topic was about the fact that many young Europeans are oblivious to two totalitarian regimes that have had been present in Europe in the 20th century. Each speaker presented their perspective on the matter and discussed possible causes of the problem from a historical point of view. Moreover, the situations in the countries of each speaker’s origin were highlighted and put in contrast. The discussion concluded that there is in general a huge lack of awareness and historical accuracy among European citizens regarding the history of totalitarian regimes on European soil.